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Tony is a flower for Eva

Eva Longoria is happy wife as she loves her hubby Tony Parker alot.

She says, “I’m the gardener, I definitely nurture. Tony is the flower.

But there are times when Tony takes care of me in an emotional sense. But I
love to take care of him. I’m really a very 50s housewife.

“I love having dinner ready and making certain his clothes are ironed and that
he’s packed and ready when he goes on road trips.”

Tony is quite lucky to have Eva!!

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Eva desperate to star a family

EVa Longoria Parker is desperate housewife as she is desperate to have kids with hubby Tony Parker.

She said to a mag, “We can’t’’ wait to start a family.”

“I’m so excited about that chapter in our lives and you’ll know what it happens.”

Eva insists that even after an year of marriage, she and Tony still behave and feel like newly wed couple.

She says, “After one year you’re not called newlyweds, but we still feel like we got married yesterday.”

“Married life agrees with me considering I’m very traditional and I’m very domestic and Tony is the same way.”

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Eva Longoria baby rumors

Eva Longoria is yet again fueling baby rumors, when she declared that family like is her biggest priority.

The Desperate Housewives star married to Tony Parker, revealed that her main goal is to have kids.

She says, “We have our priorities and Tony is mine, so we always form it work. We’re very lucky - Tony and I always talk about how lucky we were to find each other.

“Tony and I clearly know what we want in life; we want a family and to support each other, so it’s pretty easy for us.”

So do we see a bulging tummy soon?

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Eva Longoria happy with Tony Parker

Eva Longoria has denied the rumors about the rift amidst her and hubby Tony Parker.

She says,  “I know Tony and I aren’t breaking up. I know we’re not cheating.”

The actress allegedly threatened to leave her basketball player hubby whether they didn’t have kids.

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Eva Longoria still a size zero

Eva Longoria who has recently gone curvier insists that she still is a size zero since she still wears her old pants.

She said, said: “I never went up a size! I just got rounder. I’m still a size zero.”

Well whatever the size be Eva, Tony Parker must surely be a happy man.

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Eva Longoria avoids smooching scenes

Eva Longoria Parker, doesn’t like to smooch anybody except her husband and thus tries to convince her movie bosses to change a kissing scene into a hugging scene instead.

The Desperate Housewives star finds it strange to kiss unknown men on screen, “I always try to talk my way out of kissing scenes: ‘Do they really need to kiss in that part? Can’t they just hug?’ The directors are like, ‘No!’” she says.

She even avoids kissing her Desperate Housewives onscreen hubby Ricardo, saying, “Ricardo (Chavira) hates kissing me. We are both not really fond of the kissing scenes.”

Well Tony Parker must be one happy man for certain.

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Eva Longoria grades herself a terrible wife

Eva Longoria revealed that she was nothing less than ‘’a terrible wife” to husband Tyler Christopher.

The actress married the General Hospital star in 2002, but divorced him after two years.

Eva says, “He was a lovely man, but I was very young. I didn’t know who I was, and I was still struggling as an actor. I was a terrible wife.”

Longoria who is now wife to basketball star Tony Parker insists that now her married life is wonderful.

She says, “When we got hitched, we were ready. Married life is wonderful. My amazing husband understands and supports me. I feel secure, solid and safe. I’m so happy to know Tony has chosen me for the rest of his life.”

I hope history doesn’t repeats itself for Longoria again.

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