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Beyonce hates partying

Beyonce Knowles is not a party person.

Beyonce admitted that she dislikes partying as she feels that the other party goers always keep spying on her.

She said: “I don’t really go out much. whether I wasn’t a celebrity next I don’t know how I would feel, but it’s not that much fun for me - it feels like I’m in a cage and everyone is watching.”

But Beyonce additionally has some good party memories.

She adds, “Whitney Houston had a birthday party years ago. She sent the girls in Destiny’s Child personal invitations. We didn’t even know she knew us, so we were ecstatic.

“We put our money together and flew to New York, dressed up and went to the party and we met her. She was such a beautiful person, it was an unforgettable moment.”

Time to throw another party Whitney

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Beyonce to collaborate with X-Factor Winner

X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke is on a high these days as she is all set to hit the stage with super singer Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce will perform with Alexandra in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

A source says, “Beyoncé was blown away by Alex.

“She thought she had exceptional talent and told her so during their rehearsal for last week’s performance of Listen.

“In the dressing room, Beyoncé told Alex she’d like to work with her in the future and suggested the possibility of recording a new individual together. She additionally said she’d love Alex to take part in her UK tour, possibly as a support act, although nothing is set in stone yet.

“After their duet last week Beyoncé soon after told X Factor supremo SIMON COWELL ‘I want to work with that lady. She is going to be a massive star’.

“Alex couldn’t believe what she hearing.

“Beyoncé is one of her all-time heroes and to be given her approval is like a dream come true.

“Beyoncé was outstanding and really helped Alex shine.”

Good job Beyonce

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Beyonce’s alter ego : Sasha Fierce

Check out Beyonce and her alter ego Sasha Fierce burning the cover of Elle’s January edition.

Mama Tina reveals the mystery behind Beyonce’s alter ego, “Her cousin Angie gave her that name. We’d tease Beyonce about having a split personality. Beyonce would come off stage within sets and start screaming, ‘What’s wrong with you? Where’s my shoe?’, ‘Uh-oh,’ we’d say, ‘Sasha is here’”.

So who do you think is better?

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Beyonce is terrified of having kids

Beyonce Knowles revealed that she is terrified of having babies.

The Bootylicious singer married Jay-Z earlier that year in a secret ceremony seems to be “traumatized” by the recent birth of her nephew and wants to keep motherhood at distance for a while.

I an interview with Elle magazine, she says, “I’m terrified of having a child. No way!

“I’m terrified of delivering a child considering I saw my nephew being born. That traumatized me.

“I’m only 27. I’ve got instance.”

Beyonce plus gives her views on her marriage to rapper Jay-Z, “It’s a capability struggle. But whether I didn’t respect someone and they didn’t have that strength, soon after I would be bored. I wouldn’t be attracted to them.”

Point taken Beyonce!!

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Beyonce gets bootylicious in Lycra

Check out Beyonce Knowles donning a black skin hugging lycra suit resembling a catsuit, as she performs on the Today show.

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Beyonce is bored of dieting

Beyonce’s great svelte figure is considering of her disciplined diet, but the Crazy in Love singer has got bored of her diet and is planning to give up her diet of fish and vegetables.

She says, “My meals are always so boring. I have cereals in the AM, a sandwich for lunch and fish and vegetables for dinner. And I eat a lot of fruit.

“Sometimes whether I am not being disciplined - which usually happens a couple of months after a record comes out and I have done all the press and the video -  will start hitting the Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

“But when I am out of the country it is harder to find that food so it is easier to eat healthily.”

Well you fab figure is what makes us Crazy in Love with you Beyonce.

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Beyonce’s music influenced by marriage

Beyonce reveals that her marriage to rapper Jay-Z has given her a new perspective to see things, which ultimately reflects on her music.

She says, “I’m a married woman now. I have grown up and some of the things I used to like I don’t any more.

“I think it reflects in my new album. I have taken influences from different places.”

Well lets see how her new album fares out.

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