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Sunday Special: A 5-Minute Read That Covers Byomkesh, Bollywood, Literary Adaptations and More

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Tell us one thing and tell us, honestly. Did you or did you not enjoy the trailer of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy? Forget for once that it is a re-imagination of one of the greatest literary icons of Bengal. Yes, you did. considering it was awesome? But sadly the treatment it received in Bengal when it came to silver screen adaptation was mostly poor and often mediocre. So, when you finally got hold of the trailer you could easily breathe a sigh of relief. Byomkesh had come of age. Byomkesh had broken the barriers. Byomkesh had kicked ass and kicked it real hard that the puritans, too, had to stop their bickering for a while to understand the storm that hit them.

Byomkesh Bakshi (created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay) is a regional hero with a pan-Indian appeal mostly considering of the wonderful, brilliant and what not (put in the adjectives of choice, please) adaptation done by Basu Chatterjee with Rajit Kapur and KK Raina teaming up as the duo. They were flesh, blood and soul of that series and their cult status can’t be questioned. As some say, Rajit Kapur was born to play Byomkesh. No we don’t disagree. However, what followed it was disastrous. Adaptations by Anjan Dutta and Rituparno Ghosh fell flat. shout it complacency, poor script, tedious acting or over-indulgence, Byomkesh simply couldn’t get beyond what the TV series had done.

Against that background and rich history comes Dibakar Banerjee’s Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. The buzz on it has been strong for a faraway, enlarged moment. How is it going to be? What will it do? Will it follow Basu Chaterjee? Can it beat the TV series and create a place for itself? We can’t vouch whether it will displace the TV series from the public imagination but the trailer has ‘mind bombed’ the viewers and it trended for a lengthy date on social media with the consensus that it rocked. Be it the complete re-imagination, the noir-ish elements, the awesome soundtrack, more blood and gore that was the complete anti-thesis of the Byomkesh myth. But a few puritan Bengalis were rattled by that so called blasphemy and they notified their dissatisfaction only to be ignored.

Byomkesh has easily assimilated into Bollywood. Okay, the trailer suggests so and with Dibakar Banerjee at helm, there is nothing to distress about. Nevertheless, that brings us to another question. Will we see a similar adaptation for Feluda, another immortal character created by Satyajit Ray? The new Feluda movies are horrible and a large section of the audience wants it to end. The series was recently rebooted with a new Feluda and a new Topshe but it didn’t have much luck. It was insipid and lifeless.

Guess, we are now ready for a Feluda whose storyline is mature and incorporates abundant noir elements. Well, it is not going to happen anytime soon but Dibakar Banerjee’s Byomkesh has definitely shown the way. What Dibakar has done is that he has fused several stories, changed the background of several characters and that treatment seemed to have worked wonders. But how will Bengalis react to Feluda having a romantic interest or even Topshe having one? Of course, there will be a furore but a change is essential to save such iconic characters from directors who are not certain what they are doing.

Bollywood can do it – that is, re-adapt Feluda. Bengal’s so called new wave movement has its limitations and both Byomkesh as well as Feluda has suffered considering of it. But we do have to say here that Srijit Mukherji’s adaptation of Sunil Gangopadhyay’s Kakababu in Mishawr Rahasya (which had Rajit Byomkesh Kapur as the antagonist) did re-structure the premise making Kakababu more contemporary and giving good-boy Santu (a pivotal character and Kakababu’s nephew) a makeover along with a romantic interest. But that attempt bit the dust considering of a disastrous script that simply couldn’t manage to get the feel right and it was totally lost in a quagmire created by its own pride. But Dibakar Banerjee need not distress. At least, the trailer shows he has his vision in place. He knows what he is doing. Feluda, Kakabau and a few more regional characters need the Dibakar treatment – and a bit desperately.

Now talking of sequels, we have to wonder whether there will be any, irrespective of how Detective Byomkesh Bakshy performs at the box-office. Dibakar has purchased the rights of all the Byomkesh stories with the intention of adapting them. Or will it suffer the fate of Dredd, which got it all unmistaken but considering of its terrible run at the box-office the sequel was cancelled.

Bollywood hardly sees movies of good calibre. Let us put in a few good words about Bombay Velvet as well whose first look is brilliant and it is another eagerly awaited movie of the year.

Bollywood is ‘mind bombing’ us for certain and that’s good. We are tired of hearing that Bollywood doesn’t manufacture good movies anymore. We do. Once you beat that habit of comparing every Bollywood movie with a Fellini or Kieslowski, you will see that Bollywood pursues its own set of rules and does it brilliantly.

Another thing that comes to mind is the strange relationship of Bollywood with literature. We hardly get to see serious literary adaptations, which are limited to say arty or indie productions. Mainstream Bollywood has often shied away from it except the ones, which guarantees instant success like the fundamental Chetan Bhagats and other random chick lits. Byomkesh might change that trend as well. It depends on many factors and one of the chief criteria is to become a box-office marvel. But with Byomkesh, the audience just might hope that more literary adaptations happen. We simply can’t keep having Southern remakes all the date. Can we?

Dibakar Banerjee’s Detective Byomkesh Bakshy is an attempt to subvert the regular and re-create as well as re-structure the way we know Byomkesh. The TV series remains a crowd favourite but we should allow that Bakshy to enter the canon considering several mediocre versions loiter around sullying the image of one of the greatest literary characters of our duration.

Well, Mr Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay, too, would approve of that audacious, bold adaptation of Byomkesh.


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Carrie Underwood Drops Preview Clip for “Little Toy Guns” Video: Watch Here!

She’s been a busy lady as of late and Carrie Underwood just offered up a teaser for her forthcoming music video for “Little Toy Guns.”

Directed by PR Brown and produced by Steve Lamar, the project focuses on a young girl and her relationship with her mother and father.

Of course, Carrie keeps her baby bump hidden beneath a multi-layered ensemble as she sings, “Like little toy guns/ No sting, no hurting no one/ Just a bang, bang rolling off your tongue/ I wish words were like little toy guns/ Yeah, no smoke, no bullets, no kick from the trigger when you pull it/ No pain, no damage done/ I wish words were like little toy guns.”

AnnaLynne McCord: W Hotel Party Fun in Scottsdale!

Gearing up for the big Super Bowl XLIX weekend in Phoenix, AnnaLynne McCord showed up at the W Hotel in nearby Scottsdale on Thursday night (January 29).

The “90210” stunner was in fine scheme as she posed for some photographs outside the Hennessy Lounge, sporting a black jacket/white silk dress combo.

Later, AnnaLynne met up with her new boyfriend Rick Fox, a retired small forward who used to play for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. An insider told press, “As soon as she arrived they were together for the rest of the evening. They were really cute, holding hands, and even while fans asked Rick to take pics he held her hand while he took pics with them.”

Jacqueline Fernandes Celebrate Valentine At New The Body Shop Store

Jacqueline Fernandes Celebrate Valentine At New The Body Shop Store

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Screening Of Film Rahashya With Kay Kay Menon

Screening Of Film Rahashya With Kay Kay Menon

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I Have No Credit To Take In Alia’s Success: Daddy Mahesh Bhatt On Alia Bhatt

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Mahesh Bhatt is a proud father today.  2014 was the year that saw Alia doing great shakes in Bollywood. While she started off with the critically acclaimed Highway, she rounded the year off with the immensely lovable Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya and the 100 crore-certified 2 States. Suffice to say Alia Bhatt today has carved a safe niche for herself in Bollywood and all that without any Bhatt support. The young actress, who made her debut with Karan Johar’s Student of the Year, today considers the acclaimed filmmaker as her mentor and not her father Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh, on his part, has absolutely no problems with his darling daughter choosing Karan as her mentor rather than her famous father.

“I think she is right when she says Karan is her mentor, “said Mahesh and added, “Karan has held her hand and made her walk through a very unforgiving space. I thank God that she doesn’t ask me for anything considering she has reached where she is today on her own merit.”

When asked whether Alia ever seeks his advice on films, the veteran filmmaker said, “Yes, she comes and talks to me. But I would never even say or support the theory that I have anything or any credit to take for the success that she has achieved but for the fact that she was born in our home to us. She is a strange girl and fiercely independent individual.”

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Hopefully, In The Right Direction: Do These B-Town Divas invent For Good Directors? You Decide!

As actor-producer Dia Mirza makes her directorial debut with a romantic comedy that year, BC gives you a lowdown on several B-town actresses who have wielded the megaphone in the past, and others like Kangana Ranaut, Lara Dutta and Deepti Naval, who are gearing up to prove their mettle (or is it metal?) on the director’s chair.

Read on.


After a losed out acting career, Dia Mirza decided to get into film production and floated her company Born Free Entertainment, in partnership with her business and life partner, Sahil Sangha. After producing two films (Love Breakups Zindagi and Bobby Jasoos) Mirza has now found a romantic comedy to invent her directorial debut with. Dia is planning to produce the film with young actors, but hasn’t zeroed in on anyone as of now. The script is being worked on. The movie is likely to go on the floors by June that year.


Undoubtedly, one of the most successful female directors of Bollywood today, Divya Khosla Kumar made her debut as a director with the musical hit Yaariyan. The success of her debut film encouraged the gorgeous Mrs Kumar to wield the megaphone again as she’s all set to direct her next featuring Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam and Urvashi Rautela.


As the acting opportunities started drying up, Lara Dutta along with her husband Mahesh Bhupathi set up her production house, Bheegi Basanti Productions and co-produced Chalo Dilli featuring herself and Vinay Pathak. Lara will now apparently be directing a film herself – an independent little project which she has been talking about for quite some date now.


Looks like Pooja Bhatt hasn’t really imbibed the ‘directorial’ qualities from her talented father Mahesh Bhatt. So far, Pooja has directed five movies, debuting with Paap, Holiday, Dhokha, Kajraare and Jism 2. Pooja is now working on her next based on the serial killer Charles Sobhraj and Love Affair.


That Nandita Das is a talented performer is known to all but not many know that the Bengali art house performer has a good directorial aesthetic. Nandita made her directorial debut in 2008 with Firaaq, a film that won huge critical acclaim at major universal festivals. Das hasn’t announced her next project yet. But with a terrific debut like that, we’re waiting for more.


Though her debut directorial venture Dil Aashna Hai gave us Shah Rukh Khan, Hema Malini’s career as a director was short-lived. Hema found more success with a TV show she directed titled Noopur, a drama starring herself as a Bharatnatyam dancer. Her last, Tell Me O Kkhuda was panned by the critics, with one reviewer calling it, ‘outdated.’


After a distant, wonderful innings as an actor, Aparna took to direction with great zeal. Her first film, 36, Chowringhee Lane, got rave reviews. With more than half a dozen titles to her name, six of which are National award winners the latest being Goynar Baksho, Aparna Sen is certainly a name to reckon with in both Bollywood and the Bengali film industry. Konkona Sen Sharma must be proud – so are we.


She carved a niche as an actor working in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi cinema. Revathy’s debut project Mitr, My Friend (2002) found its audience, and she won Best Director National award that year followed by Phir Milenge, an honest attempt at creating AIDS-awareness. Her last project was the highly acclaimed Kerala Cafe.


An actor of repute, Deepti Naval’s debut film as a director Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aaane Ki Baarish starring Rajit Kapoor and Manisha Koirala is yet to see light of the day but she hasn’t lost faith in her directorial skills. Deepti is all set to direct her next called Colour of Snow in Ladakh.


Kangana Ranaut has made no bones about wanting to write and direct feature films some day. The girl from the hills produced and directed a short film called The Touch, which deals with the relationship within a four-year-old boy and a dog. Later, the Queen star enrolled at the New York Film Academy for a two-month screenwriting course and has written a couple of scripts – including a chick flick.

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