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Who’s Performing A Stunt?

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Drew Barrymore: Ready to Take Flight

Fresh off of a red carpet night on the town, Drew Barrymore was spotted being dropped off at LAX Airport in Los Angeles to catch an outbound flight on Wednesday (September 30).

The “Charlie’s Angels” actress donned a pair of red shades as she hopped out of her chauffeured ride - ready to continue along with her “Whip It” promotional duties.

As for Drew’s upcoming movie, she spoke to the New York Times about directing, saying, “citizens say, ‘Did you always want to direct?’ or ‘Do you think you’ll ever direct again?’ I’m always very polite about it. Do you really think I haven’t been preparing for that my whole life? And I’m just going to try it once and thereupon never do it again? It baffles me. And next I just think, ‘Oh God, they just don’t know me.’ “

Continuing on, Miss Barrymore adds, “I sort of collected everything from my whole life into that piggy bank, and I crashed it by the floor for that film.”

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Madonna Drops By the “Late Show with David Letterman”

Hitting up the promotional circuit, Madonna was spotted as she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on Wednesday (September 30).

Smiling and offering up a wave as she made her entrance, the “Material Girl” happened to be paying the visit to CBS Studios for a taping of the “Late Show with David Letterman”.

The visit comes as Madge is dealing with negative comments stemming from Michael Jackson tapes released in a book by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

An excerpt finds Jackson telling, “Madonna laid the law down to me before we went out. [She said] I am not going to Disneyland, OK? That’s out. I said, ‘I didn’t ask to go to Disneyland.’ She said, ‘We are going to the restaurant. And afterwards, we are going to a strip bar.’”

He adds, “I said, ‘I am not going to a strip bar, where they cross dress. Guys who are girls,’ I said. ‘I am not going to there. whether that’s how it is, forget that whole thing.’ Afterwards, she wrote some mean things about me in the press. And I wrote that she is a nasty witch, after I was so kind to her.”

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Kate Hudson Steps Out Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Enjoying a midday outing with her man, Kate Hudson was spotted out at Serafina Fabulous Grill in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (September 30).

Fresh off of a lunch moment with Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, the pair had lunch before leaving the restaurant separately to avoid a couples photo moment.

The day’s meet-up comes amidst rumors claiming that Miss Hudson is pregnant with A-Rod’s baby - which sprung from recent shots of the “Fool’s Gold” actress sporting what arised to be a little bump while out in Malibu.

While nothing has been confirmed as far as a child is concerned, Kate and Alex have been busy looking for a new pad to share in the Malibu area of California.

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Jon Gosselin Touches Down at LAX

With the recent news of TLC dropping him from his show, Jon Gosselin was spotted arriving in Los Angeles looking a bit somber earlier today (September 30).

The father of eight is on the west coast to build his rounds doing various interviews that week - as he is no longer an official part of “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” which recently was changed to “Kate Plus 8.”

Jon, of course, will be making appearances as he is still very involved with their children, but that instance around will be considered a “guest” rather than a main part.

You can catch Mr Gosselin on CNN’s “Larry King Live” tomorrow night (October 1st) and don’t miss the debut of “Kate Plus 8” on November 2nd.

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Khloe Kardashian: “I’ve Never Been So Happy”

While most newlyweds would typically be on a honeymoon right now, Khloe Kardashian is busy on the Web writing about her incredible wedding day that was just three days ago.

The reality TV star took to her blog, telling, “I’ve never been so happy. I just wanted to take that opportunity to thank you for all the love and support I’ve received. “

The newlyweds haven’t been able to enjoy a honeymoon – Odom, 29, began training camp on Wednesday and has a preseason game Oct. 7 – but Kardashian is still enjoying her new life, telling fans she feels “truly blessed.”

And as far as the rumors of the marriage not being official go – big sister Kim came to their defense, saying, “I really hate all the crazy things I have been hearing regarding their wedding not being real. That is just crazy.”

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Audrina Patridge Celebrates Court Victory

After spending most of her wee hours in court, Audrina Patridge was spotted out to lunch with friends earlier today (September 30).

The brunette beauty was granted a three year restraining order against her alleged stalker and looked pleased with those results as she lunched at Solar de Cahuengar restaurant afterward.

While in court, before the restraining order was granted, “The Hills” star was questioned by attorney Jeffery Rubenstein about several incidents which occurred with the alleged stalker, Zachory Loring, who did not seem in court, losed out to stay 100 yards from Patridge.

“that has been a difficult and scary experience,” Patridge’s attorney said. “She hopes Mr. Loring gets help.”

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