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Paris Hilton Promotes her New Fragrance

Paris Hilton is busy promoting her new perfume.
She went to the Roosevelt field to embark her new Product, not just that but she will plus sign autographs for the first comers.
According to reports it is said that the first 300 or so shoppers to buy the perfume, $45 to $55, will get an autographed photo.
There’s […]

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Paris Hilton Promotes FILA

Paris Hilton is promoting the sports type FILA.

She was recently in Korea for her promotional tour of the sports type FILA.
Hilton is usually seen with latest designer clothes but that duration she has taken a different step by promoting a sports type.
Hilton said that ‘- I love Fila. Girls who wear Fila have great style […]

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Christina Aguilera Shops for Her Baby

It’s no more a secret now that Christina Aguilera is Pregnant.

Recently she went shopping for her baby and spent loads of money on her baby shopping which shows how excited she is about her baby.
She registered for about $12,000 worth of baby goodies at the Petit Tresor baby boutique in L.A.

Not just that but it additionally includes a $3,100 crib, an $800 silk bassinet, $680 of bedding and a $200 cashmere stuffed puppy
And guess which colour she has chosen? You’re right it’s Blue.
Well, we all know by now that it’s a baby boy!

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Hilary Does Lap Dance With Boyfriend

Hilary Duff was seen lap dancing with Boyfriend.
Love changes a person completely and Hilary duff has proven that. humans got to see a different side of Duff when she was seen partying wildly with her Boyfriend.

She was seen partying at Tenjune which is a hot spot in New York. She was seen there with her boyfriend and pals partying till the wee hours in the .
She did not bother about the cameras snapping or anything else, she was just dancing her way wildly. She drank Veuve Clicquot straight out of the bottle and later felt very embarrassed when the DJ played the song Wake Up and she realized what she was doing and immediately stopped dancing.
She was taken out of the club by her friends considering she was badly drunk.

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Keira Knightley Gives Herself Harsh Comments

Keira said in a Magazine that she is very moody.

The word that she used for herself was really harsh. It was really shocking to see her form such comments about herself.

She spoke about what makes her angry when she reads the newspapers.

Here’s what she said - I’m a moody bastard. Actually I’ve been banned from reading newspapers considering the way they’re written angers me so much. whether I want an opinion, thereupon I’ll read the opinion part of the newspaper’.

‘I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f*cks me off. See I have to calm down about it.

Celebrities should watch out before speaking.

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