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Christina Aguilera Pregnant With Twins

It is said that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with twins.

The star has not made an announcement publicly about her pregnancy, but her close pals say that she is pregnant.

Paris Hilton recently made an announcement that Christina is pregnant. She referred to her as the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world.

Hilton congratulated her on her pregnancy in the party among all the society present, giving a big shock to Christina’s friends present there.

Come on Cristina, it’s high day you tell us about your pregnancy now.

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Paris Hilton’s Trip to Africa Cancelled

Paris Hilton’s trip to the African nation has been cancelled.

Hilton’s trip was being sponsored by a charitable institution but it has been cancelled.
It is said that the reason for the cancellation of the trip was a restructuring in the organization of the Spanish-based group, Playing for Good.
Hilton has always been a supporter of Playing for […]

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Hilary Gives A Sexy Performance

The Lizzy McGuire star has turned down her goody-goody image.

She has proved that she can be as sexy as her other singing stars.

Duff was busy filming for her new movie, but she took a break from the filming and gave a brilliant performance at the awards night.

She performed at the MTV Latin America Awards in Mexico city and shocked the audience with her sexy performance.

Well, the sensational star’s performance has proved that she is sweet and sexy.

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Hilton Wants To Get Frozen

Paris Hilton wants to live forever.
Paris Hilton wants to be frozen after her death, but not alone she wants to be frozen eith her two dogs.

The ‘revelation’ comes as news breaks of Hilton investing a large undisclosed sum of money to Cryonics Institute, the world’s largest suspended animation cemetery.
Hilton said that ‘It’s so cool. nearly […]

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Hilary Duff in Australia

Hilary Duff will be in Australia.

Duff has announced that she will be doing three shows in Australia as part of her dignity tour.

Hilary’s show includes an eight-piece band and four dancers, and she will additionally be performing all her biggest hit songs including ‘With Love’ and ‘So Yesterday’.

Duff recently completed her US and Canadian shows and she said that she enjoyed doing the shows.

Duff said that “I have wonderful memories of my last tour to Australia and how incredible all the fans were, so can’t wait to be there again!”

Last moment her show was a hit and it will be the same that day too.


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Hilton has changed my life say’s Vaggo

The new man in Hilton’s life feels that she has totally changed him.
Alex Vaggo who was just a pizza delivery boy a few days ago is now not less than a celebrity. Alex is enjoying the high life after hooking up with the hotel heiress.
His life is changed totally after he met Hilton, now he […]

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Hilton Helps Boyfriend Get A Job

Paris Hilton is helping her boyfriend get a job.

Hilton kept Alex Vaggo in touch with a modeling agent to help him find a job for himself.
Hilton met Alex at a night club and they became close to each other. She is desperately trying to get her pizza-delivery boyfriend onto magazine covers.
She has introduced him to […]

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