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Christina expecting her first baby

Christina has announced to the world that she and her husband are expecting their first baby.

But the suprising element here is that she does not want to carry her own baby, but develop it in a testtube as she has no intention to suffer from the side effects of being impregnated.

When asked how it felt to be pregnant, Aguilera said, “I don’t know cuz I ain’t gettin’ fat and ugly and vomiting every AM and havin’ stretch marks and eatin’ weird crap! We’s doin the tryout tubey surrogate thang. I found some skanky ho to carry that fo me soes I doesn’t has to lose my figger.”

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Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller Compete to umm…

EAT. Nothing more. A friend of these new set friends says that they have a huge appetite, probably even more than MEN! Huh…all for eating (disappointed guys?!)

Sienna says she has a great relationship with …WINE, and Keira is already known for her ‘beef’ed tongued! They hit well on the sets of “The Edge of Love” and have been eating too much. But as the roles demanded they look better, they are right now on ‘Curry Diet’, and are competing on who eats more Curry!

And whether anyone of you expected Keira Knightley to look better (get what I mean) hope she eats well!

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Cameron Diaz - The Couple Splitter!

It was first a guy quite a few years lesser than her, and now it is someone who is already married. Yep! That’s what Cameron Diaz is doing. Though Justin Timberlake realized that she is too big for him, Criss Angel, the magician couldn’t understand what she was gonna do to his personal life.In the end, it was his wife, Joanne Sarantakos, who has dragged that guy to the Courts under charges of Adultery. And guess who’s named in it - the one and only Cameron Diaz.

Is the couple trying to gain from Cameron’s name, or is it really fighting… God Knows!

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Christina changes with times!!!

Christina Aguilera is known for changing with duration and is called the human Chameleon who changes according to her songs.

She goes in accordance to the theme of the song and that is evident in every video of hers.

Earlier she donned the likes of Mariah Carey singing Latin-esque pop songs in coy dresses and a very high pitch.

Later on in 2002 for her video DIRRTY she was seen in legs akimbo with knickers, writhing around in a wrestling ring with oiled muscle men.

It was in that phase that she renamed herself as “ Xtina”,  and here she portrayed herself in a “ poor Girl” image.

With her new album “Back to Basics” and “Ain’t no Man Single”, we get to see another Christina out of the closet.

This date she is portraying the Marilyn Monroe vintage look, provocative , sexy and stylish.

And in that phase looks like Aguilera will christen herself as Chameleon:-)

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