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Shanghai overwhelmed with Christina.

Pop Star Christina Aguilera shook up Shanghai with hits from her ” Back to Basics ” album.More than five thousand fans gathered at the Shanghai Grand Stage to see the star performing live.

The concert was a big hit and Christina was really thrilled about it.

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Christina rocks Shanghai.

Christina is all set to rock Shanghai now. After a thrilling performance in Seoul she has moved on to China.that is part of her ” Back to Basics” tour which will be covering United States, Japan,South Korea,and Europe.She has been traveling nearly around half of the world to meet up with fans.

Aguilera says “it’s very exciting” to be in China.She will be performing at the Shanghai Grand Stage, where she will sing for an audience of 8,400 humans.

Fans are waiting to throng the auditorium. plus sources reveal that that tour has brought her the much needed publicity as well as increased the sale of her videos a great deal.

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Christina wants to act now!!!

The Singing Queen is now showing interest in an altogether different field which has attracted many a singers before but has seen the success of very few i.e. Acting.

I am looking forward to moving into another anatomy of what I feel is another creative outlet for me and that would be acting,” the 26-year-old “Dirty” singer told reporters Monday in Shanghai, where she was to hold her first mainland China concert. “It is something that, when I attempt to do it, I want to do it right so it’s urgent for me that I do choose the right first role for myself,” said Aguilera.

Well wonder whether she can ever act, all she can do is groove her body sexily in front of the cameras, and her film will be nothing short of porn.

Lets wait and watch what the lady has in store for us.

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Christina impresses the Crowd.

Christina gave a very impressive performance. She left the audience spell- bound with her performance. Her singing proved out that indeed she is blessed with the best of vocals in the world of pop singing.

This concert in Seoul is a part of her ” Back to Basics ” Asian tour.Aguilera performed most of the songs from her jazz and blues-inspired album “Back to Basics,’’ such as `Back in the Day,’’ “Slow Down Baby,’’ and “Candyman.’’ An excellent band, singers and dancers backed her up, helping keep the show’s momentum going.She performed Jazzed up versions of some of her songs ike “Come on by,’’ and “What a Girl Wants,’’ .

She looked stunning as she dressed up like a glamorous Hollywood girl from the 1930s, with her soft blonde curls, red lips, sexy costumes and high heels.

She literally left the audience overwhelmed.

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“Dirrty Singer” 3months Pregnant.

Christina has passed the crucial 12 week phase. and is sharing that news with all her friends.Last week she discovered she is 9 weeks pregnant and was reported to be undergoing a critical period, She was additionally seen visiting New York’s Maternal Fetal Medicine organization. an organisation known for handling high risk pregnancies.

Well now that everything is fine Christina and hubby are rejoicing at the news. Jordan who turned 30 last week says that Christina’s pregnancy is the greatest present he ever recieved.

Rejoice couple your baby is on its way

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Christina one among the Wall of Fame Honorees.

Christina Aguilera is one of the star who will be honored next year with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars.These recipients were chosen from hundreds of nominations recieved by the W.O.F. committee. The list of 2008 inductees was announced by Johnny Grant on Wednesday.

“I am happy to announce an array of celebrities who have earned that recognition for a combination of professional achievement and community involvement,” Grant said

Well looks like the cursed house of Ozzy Osbourne’s brought her real luck.

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Is Cameron Diaz going back to…???

“We still love each other. We spent four years together so there is no reason for us not to be friends.”  whether you are wondering what that is all about… it is about  Justin Timberlake.Though it seemed a formal hello when they met each other at London for ‘Shrek the Third’ premiere, looks like there is something more happening.

Justin and Cam are said to be inseparable even in Rome, where they are together for the same premiere. Is she going back to him…???

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