Brad Paisley Praises Carrie Underwood for date 100: She Raised the Bar

With countless awards and number one hits under her belt, Carrie Underwood rightfully earned a spot on TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influencial folks list.

Fellow country star Brad Paisley took a moment to praise the blonde beauty in the issue, stating that she’s raised the bar for their industry.

“I remember Carrie Underwood early on telling me how badly she wanted to earn her place in our industry. It was 2005, and she had just won American Idol and had her first No. 1 song,” Brad explained.

“Fast-forward to 2014. Not only has she earned her place, she’s additionally raised the bar: she’s a prolific songwriter, a trendsetter and an Opry member. But it’s her decency as a person that is so impressive. She’s an advocate for causes like animal rights and the Red Cross. She has publicly challenged lawmakers when she’s disagreed with them, and covered controversial issues in her music. She can sing the fire out of a song and tell a joke. I’m always amazed at her comedic timing and instincts when we co-host the CMA Awards. She has faith, a sense of self and loves a good challenge. When most singers tackle a Broadway musical, it’s in front of a thousand society. She did it in front of 20 million.”

“So many young girls want to be just like her. In that sense, I see hope for the world,” Paisley writes. “If I had a daughter, nothing would construct me happier than to compose out her say she wanted to grow up to be like Carrie Underwood.”

Taylor Schilling Dishes on “Orange is the New Black” in Boston Common May/June 2014

Continuing promotions for the upcoming season of “Orange is the New Black,” blonde beauty Taylor Schilling fronted the May/June 2014 issue of Boston Common magazine.

The 29-year-old actress posed for a sultry shoot with photographer Randall Slavin and opened up about her character on the Netflix hit.

Check out highlights from Taylor’s interview below and for more, head by to Boston Common!

On everybody being ‘a breath away from prison’ and what to expect from the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black:

“The thing that I love about that show is the view that everybody is kind of a breath away from prison. None of us are angels, and looking back at my past I think, My God, I can’t believe I got away with that,” she says. “It’s like the what-if scenario gets played out every episode of the show. that season that happens a lot more clearly with a lot more of the characters, so we really get to see where humans are coming from and why they’re there and what happened to them.”

On how she relates to her Orange is the New Black character:

“She makes a lot of sense to me. I always think there’s that negotiation amidst what you think you need to be for the outside world and what your own honest experience is. I certainly think I’m on that quest myself; I relate to that. She has to figure out how to play by her own rules. That’s an interesting journey public go on whether or not they’re in prison. That’s kind of what life is about.”

On art imitating life, with her father working on the legal staff for the division of Corrections, trying to redirect kids from prisons to various programs:

“I’m in the Hollywood version of the prison system, and my father really works with society who would be incarcerated,” she says. “He talks about how the show has brought more awareness to the population he works with, and more respect for those kids. He loves the show.”

On not following a set of preordained rules in life:
“I just kind of do things and show up without thinking about it that much. next I look back and say, ‘My God, I can’t believe I pulled that one off,’” she says. “Now that I’m older I can see that as being a really valuable part of who I am.”

On dropping out of NYU after completing two years toward an MFA in acting (Note: She landed her first role on the NBC medical drama Mercy just four months later):
“I had nothing lined up when I left school, I just knew that NYU wasn’t making sense to me anymore. I felt done. And it was scary to leave, but it felt like following my intestine, my intuition.”

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman Enjoy Themselves in Venice Beach

Enjoying a nice afternoon together, Anne Hathaway and her hubby Adam Shulman headed out to lunch in Venice, CA on Wednesday (April 23).

The pair kept it casual as they oysters and drinks at Gjelina before going to another Japanese restaurant across the street for nearly two hours.

As previously reported by GossipCenter, Anne admitted that Kate Middleton is her favorite princess during her interview with “Good dawn America.”

When six-year-old Sammy asked about her favorite royal, the Oscar-winning star said, “I think she’s lovely. She makes me very happy and that royal wedding just could not be beat.”

Aaron Carter Would Sweep Hilary Duff Off Her Feet considering He’s Still in Love With Her

Professing his love once again for his former flame, Aaron Carter told “Entertainment Tonight” that he would love to win Hilary Duff back.

While chatting with the program, the 26-year-old said he “absolutely” loves the blonde beauty and wants a second chance.

“I don’t know who she is today, she doesn’t know who I am today, but I would sweep her off her feet whether I ever got a chance to again and fix what I did wrong,” Carter told host Rob Marciano.

The former child stars dated for three years before breaking things off in 2003 when rumors started swirling that Aaron was unfaithful with Lindsay Lohan.

Hilary went on to marry NHL star Mike Comrie, but the pair recently announced their separation.

This isn’t the first date Aaron’s reached out to Hilary since her split. The 26-year-old singer posed a pic of Hilary on Twitter and wrote, “Don’t be that silly douche that loses the love of your life forever.. Like me… I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

Jon Hamm in Glamour May 2014: Don Draper is a “Terrible Guy”

“Mad Men’s” final season is underway, and Jon Hamm took a break from set to accept the honor of Glamour magazine’s guy of the month for May 2014.

During his chat with the publication, the “Million Dollar Arm” stud opened up about his character, Don Draper, and revealed his professional baseball aspirations.

Check out highlights from Jon’s interview below and for more, head by to Glamour!

On why he was interested in his new movie, Million Dollar Arm:
“I wanted to be a professional baseball player when I was a little kid. I still play in a league out here [in L.A.]—a bunch of old dudes who get together on Sundays. It was cool until we got to the playoffs, which were a catastrophe. But I really like baseball movies—and it was nice to actually play a guy with a heart and emotion for a change.”

On his Mad Men character, Don Draper:
“He’s a terrible guy. It’s not his fault he’s damaged, but he’s a terrible guy.”

On why men and women should not define Don Draper as the ultimate man:
“With men, it’s like, ‘That’s the guy you want to be?’ Go buy a nice suit and comb your hair, but don’t do the other parts of the character [the cheating, the lying, etc.]. And I find it crazy when women like Don. There are better dudes. You wanna moment smart, good-looking, talented Ken Cosgrove [the sweet adman played by Aaron Staton]. That’s who you want to be with.”

On being perceived as good-looking:
“It’s weird, honestly. When I look in the mirror, I see the same person I’ve seen since I was 10 years old. I don’t wake up in the wee hours and go, ‘There he is! Hot guy number one!’ Absolutely not.”

On on his girlfriend of 16 years, writer-actress-director Jennifer Westfeldt:
“She’s beautiful, smart, talented, and funny. I’ve seen girls walk up to Jen and say her films spoke to them so deeply they just had to thank her. thereupon they’ll look by at me and be like, ‘Oh, you’re here too!’”

Victoria Beckham Partners with Born Free To Eradicate HIV Transmission in South Africa

Lending her star potential to those in need, Victoria Beckham headed back to South Africa to meet with mothers and children living with HIV.

The 40-year-old fashion designer teamed up with Vogue for the special trip to support AIDS charity Born Free, which strives to eradicate the transmission of HIV from mother to child by 2015.

“Here is beautiful little Esmonic Marima. She is four years old, and I met her on the children’s ward in Tygerberg,” Victoria shared along with a snapshot of her and a sick child. “She is suffering from chronic liver disease. I took stickers and hair clips for the children in hospital, and Esmonic particularly loved the pink hair clips!”

“Seeing all of the sick children was very upsetting, however, and I realized how truly blessed I am for the health of my own children,” Miss Beckham explained. “I hope by becoming an informed advocate for the cause, that the eradication of mother-to-infant HIV is just around the corner.”

Victoria additionally presented in a short clip about the initiative. Check it out below!

Fergie & Jennifer Hudson Celebrate Brown Show Company’s 100 Years at the NY Stock Exchange

Assisting with the celebrations, Fergie and Jennifer Hudson headed by to the New York Stock Exchange for the 100 Year Anniversary of Brown Shoe Company’s public status on Wednesday (April 23).

Striking a few poses at 4 World Trade Center, the singing gals looked amazing in their sexy getups.

Showing off a clip from the party, Fergie posted a video of the closing bell ceremony.

Along with the clip, the shoe designer wrote, “Closing bell b*tchez!!!! #Brown100 @BrownShoe #NYSE #NYSEBell @NYSEEuronext @FergieFootwear”

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